Sunday, 17 March 2013

Stamp out ads on your phone

Hey guys!

This is a quick trick to block most ads on your iOS, Android or Windows device.
This also works on your laptop as well, simply change the DNS settings to the address below.

DNS Server:

Please watch the video - or comment below if you have any troubles.

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  1. It works like a charm, thanks

  2. This worked nicely! Thank you! I put the new DNS before the one that was already there, separated by a comma just like you suggested.

  3. How safe is this. Are you not routing all your internet through an unknown server that could be collecting that data?

    1. It's just a DNS server; returns the IP address for a corresponding domain name. The actual internet traffic (packets) are not being passed through their server (that's what a proxy or VPN does). The only security concern is if it were to return a improper IP and send you to a phishing website instead.

  4. Where can I find dns settings? Sorry I cant see the vid

  5. I did this and the internet doesn't connect anymore. Reverted to the old settings and the internet is fine. The ads get blocked and so does the connection.